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Game center Access point

This year apple has done a really good updates to the Game Center to make it look better and modern, One of the good changes is the new Access point where the user will have an access point to the Game Center that look good and always in front of him.

Why to use Access point?

The new access point take a good amount of job thinking where to keep the Game Center buttons and then designing them, also, it looks gorgeous and first time when it shows it will show the latest updates for the user like how many achievements he completed also what is his rank on the leaderboard.

Can you use it always?

I found some cases i was not able to use it, one of the cases when there is no space for it, i have an app that i have done long time before and it’s hard to find a spot to keep the access point specially that it can be in 4 predefined spots, topLeading, topTrailing, bottomLeading, and bottomTrailing.


You should have the game center already integrated. You can follow the this tutorial to do that.

How to use it

To use it there’s a singleton property shared you need to set the location

GKAccessPoint.shared.location = .topLeading

The available locations:

public enum Location : Int {
  case topLeading = 0
  case topTrailing = 1
  case bottomLeading = 2
  case bottomTrailing = 3

Then after that you need to active it using isActive property

GKAccessPoint.shared.isActive = true

In that way you will have it on your top left corner.

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